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Buy Here Pay Here Frequently Asked Questions

We know you need a car to get to work, drive your kids around and do the million other things that people have to get done in a day that are not within walking distance. Many times, people who are inquiring about our Buy Here Pay Here program are new to trying to get a car with challenged credit. They may have been told by a friend or family member that getting a vehicle loan is impossible without good credit. Eventually, someone tells them the only way they can purchase a vehicle is if they find a car dealership that offers “Buy Here Pay Here”. The large majority of customers that call our dealership looking to apply for our Buy Here Pay Here program are unaware that they are eligible for traditional sub-prime financing. Almost anyone, regardless of credit is eligible for special financing. Unless you are unable to verify your income, we can get you an auto loan through one of our sub-prime lending companies. Buy Here Pay Here is only for those who cannot verify income, or provide other types of verification for a regular special financing loan.

Since most of our Buy Here Pay Here customers are not familiar with the process, they have plenty of pre-conceived ideas about how auto financing works and we end up getting pretty much the same questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Buy Here Pay Here program…


How much do I need for a down payment?

That depends. Many of our customers don’t realize that our special financing programs are available to those with bad credit or no credit. Almost all of our customers are eligible for one of our guaranteed financing programs and for those programs, the down payment can be as low as $500.00 plus tax and tags. If you are not eligible for one of our bad credit financing programs, the down payment for a Buy Here Pay Here depends on the cost of the car. Most are half down.


How much per month?

We do our best to work with potential buyers and fit our payment into your budget. Payments are on average $250.00 per month. Some are higher and some are lower. It depends on how much of a car you want and the length of your loan.


Am I eligible? How do I apply?

The best way to find out which of our auto loan programs you are eligible for is to apply online on our website. We have slimmed the application down to only 8 required fields, and we guarantee a preliminary answer by email in ten minutes or less! By applying online, our salesmen are provided with all of your information and can find which financing programs you are eligible for before you even call or come in to the dealership. We also take applications over the phone and in person at our dealership.


Can I use my trade as a down payment?

Absolutely! We take trade-ins and buy cars through our Cash for Cars program, even if you’re not buying from us. Get an online appraisal of your trade on our website.


To find out what auto loan programs you qualify for, fill out a credit application on our website. We guarantee a preliminary answer in 10 minutes or less. View inventory and prices or find out how much your trade is worth. We have the best used cars in Pittsburgh, and can finance anyone.

Buy Here Pay Here Explained

         Buy Here Pay Here consumers aren't necessarily in any worse credit situations than a Special Financing customer but instead have difficulty with the added verification required by bad credit loans. Buy Here Pay Here customers may have difficulty verifying income due to self-employment or a lack of income entirely. Since Special Financing lenders who accept no credit or bad credit customers require income verification and proof of ability to pay, consumers without the ability to meet minimum income or verification requirements could be left without a vehicle. This is where Buy Here Pay Here can be a benefit to consumers. Buy Here Pay Here loans are more lax with requirements due to the fact that it is the dealership itself that is funding the loan. The dealership is loaning the money, which is why you buy the vehicle and will make your payments at the dealership, hence the program name "Buy Here and Pay Here". If you are a consumer who has unverifiable income, problems with licensing, or are unemployed, Buy Here Pay Here may be your only option and it can be a Godsend to those who are just looking for a chance to rebuild their credit and get back on track.

          There are negatives to Buy Here Pay Here or Rent to Own programs just like any other sub-prime lending programs since the company or dealership is assuming additional risk by loaning vehicles to customers that do not have a good payment history. You will likely have a higher interest rate or need more money down than a customer with good credit and payment history, but you will be able to get a vehicle.

          Call your local dealership that offers the program. If you live in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas, come and check out Used Car World! We partner with multiple lending programs and also have the Buy Here Pay Here program. We have a huge inventory of cars and trucks and are ready to give you a second chance! Click "Apply Online" to submit a credit application and get an answer within 10 minutes!

-Used Car World

What We Do


Have income? You’re approved!

Bring in a pay stub or proof of income, and we'll get you a loan! We don't care about your crappy credit! Our down payments are as low as $500.00 plus tax and tags. We accept people with all kinds of credit problems including repossession, divorce and bankruptcy.

We use a network of sub-prime lending companies to find you a loan that works with your situation. Check out our Online Car Loan Application to submit a credit application online and get an approval in 10 Minutes or LESS!!



No income? You’re approved!

We have financing programs for everyone including the Buy Here Pay Here program. If you are a special case customer that is unable to meet the verification requirements of our special financing, that's OK! We can still get you a loan. Our Buy Here Pay Here program accepts everyone, and no verification is necessary.


We'll buy your car.. Even if you're not buying one of ours!

Need quick cash? Having down payment problems and need to use your trade? We'll buy your car and give you the most money for your vehicle. Our expert salesmen will give you a free appraisal on your vehicle and pay you in CASH today. Getting cash for your car is easy! Use our online instant appraisal tool. Want more information? Our Cash for Cars page has all the information you need!

I Have Bad Credit, Can I Choose Any Car

What kind of car can I get?

The kind of car you can get is only limited by your financial situation and how much of a down payment you want to make. Dealerships like ours that work with all kinds of credit situations care more about your financial situation than your credit score. How much of a payment will your income allow you to make? How much can you afford to put down? The answers to these questions will determine the type of car you will be able to purchase. Remember, lenders want you to purchase a quality automobile you want just as much as one you can afford. None of our lenders will want you in contract with them on a cheap car that’s unreliable. Very few people will continue to pay their auto loan if there car isn’t running. Borrowers who are driving a car that they like and can afford are much more likely to pay their loan without problem. Bad credit lenders, just like regular lenders want what you want. They want their borrowers driving reliable vehicles that their customer’s like.

Can I choose from any car, or are there only certain cars that work with bad credit programs?
While there are some dealerships that use certain cars for specific programs, we do not. All of our cars except for those listed as “cash only” specials are available for our lending programs. You can choose from any of our cars just like a cash customer can. Your choice is only limited by your financial situation and how much you want to put down. Even if you are unable to get the exact car you want, we go out of our way to find a car that you love and can afford.

Fill out a guaranteed financing application. We can get anyone financed. Even you!
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